Heatrod Cartridge Heating Elements

With high watt densities available over 200 watts per square inch and a multitude of lead configurations, the HEATROD cartridge heating element offers solutions where fast, efficient heat transfer is required. With extensive customization options, this is one of Heatron's most popular heating element styles for innovative engineering solutions.

  • High watt densities
  • Fast, efficient heat transfer
  • Deep drawn and swaged-In options
  • UL recognized components
  • Proprietary non-stick coating, passivated and electro-polished finishes are available

Product Overview

The Heatrod Cartridge heating element is available in deep-drawn or swaged-in variations, with multiple options for attachments, sensors and other customizations. 

Heatrod uses controlled heat profiles, minimized un-heated sections and integrated thermal controls reduce application temperature variations. Innovations such as our patented Non-Stick Coating and deep drawn heaters demonstrate our continuous search for products and services that will benefit our customers. Solutions for new applications of Heatrod cartridge heaters are being designed everyday by Heatron for its valued customers.

Engineering services and consultation are available on every custom heating element order. Contact a specialist today for details.

Construction and Configuration Options


HEATROD cartridge heaters are available for operation with nearly any DC or AC supply voltage - single phase or three phase. Certain restrictions will apply depending on the size of the heater and with requirements for agency approvals.


The power output of HEATROD cartridge heaters is a function of supply voltage and available space inside the heater to wind resistance wire. Wattage tolerances are +5% / -10%.


HEATROD cartridge heaters can be supplied with internal thermocouples. The thermocouples can be located in one of three locations:

A thermocouple located at the tip of the heater is recommended for sensing temperatures of materials flowing past the heater tip. The thermocouple junction is always grounded to the sheath with the A location, and the “end disc” is flat to provide better sensing ability.

A thermocouple can be located against the inside wall of the heater sheath at any point along the heater length. This location is used to monitor the heater sheath or the approximate temperature of the part being heated. Specify if a guaranteed ground is required.

Finally, a thermocouple junction can be located in the center of the heater core at any point along the heater length. This location is used to sense the heater’s hottest internal temperature and is used for prototype testing and research. The thermocouple junction is not grounded.

Thermostats and thermal fuses can also be installed in the lead end of the HEATROD cartridge heater.

Lead Connections

Heatron offers several standard Lead Options for the HEATROD cartridge heater.

High Temp (450°C) Leads are crimped onto the conductor pins outside the heater. The crimps are covered with 200°C, 600V rated silicone rubber coated fiberglass sleeving. Recommended for applications where flexing and vibration do not occur.

  • Swaged-in Flexible High Temp (450°C) Leads are recommended for applications that require the heater leads to flex or bend sharply as they exit the heater. Flexible leads are securely joined to the pins inside the heater to provide a flexible alternative to crimped-on leads or solid pins.
  • Right Angle Leads are available for applications where space is limited. Crimped-on leads are standard. Swaged-in leads are available as an option.
  • Right Angle Swaged-In Stainless Steel Metal Braid offers lead flexibility and abrasion protection where space is limited. The braid is fastened inside the heater and incorporates a protective metal cap welded to the heater sheath. This unique design eliminates connections that use bulky crimps or potting compounds that can fail easily.
  • Swaged-in Stainless Steel Metal Hose allows for flexibility, while protecting the lead wires against sharp objects or small amounts of contaminants. The hose is swaged securely inside the heater to eliminate bulky fittings or couplers that might prevent full insertion of the heater.
  • Right Angle Stainless Steel Metal Hose is recommended to protect leads from sharp objects and contaminants in areas where space is limited. In our unique Right Angle Cap construction, the flexible hose is brazed to the metal cap before assembly to the heater. Many competitors braze the hose directly to the heater sheath exposing the lead wire insulation to very high temperatures, thereby weakening the lead wire insulation and moisture barrier. Our unique preassembled Right Angle Cap avoids this potential lead wire damage.

Construction Options


Heatron can provide turnkey heater assemblies which reduce labor, inventory and overall cost. Consult Heatron for specific applications.

Various custom lead wire insulations and lead connections are available from stock or may be special ordered. Ground wires are available on most designs.

Sheath materials

Heatron stocks 304SS in most English and Metric diameters, 316L and Incoloy™ in other English diameters.

Threaded Fittings

Allow for installation into a threaded hole, particularly in immersion heater applications. Brass and stainless steel fittings are available in single or double threads. Standard and custom designs available.

Mounting Flanges or Locating Rings

Can be placed at any point along the heater for convenient mounting or locating in various applications.

Rubber Over Molds

Protect the heater from moisture and excessive flexing, such as in food service or refrigeration equipment. Heatron can also swage-connect an S.J.O. cord inside the heater.

Watertight Stainless Steel Hose Lead Protection

Ideal for areas where leads can be subject to liquids or contamination.

Post Terminals

Designed for applications requiring a fast connection using leads, spade, terminals, or bus bars. Not available for sizes under 1/2″ diameter (12.5mm).

Conduit Box Housings

Available for applications that require protection of the lead terminal area.

Plugs can be provided with the heater for applications that require quick, convenient connections.

No-Heat Sections

Can be designed anywhere along the length of the cartridge heater. A typical application for an extra no-heat section is to allow the heater leads to operate at cooler temperatures, farther away from the heated section, or to create a hotter tip to compensate for 

Low-Leakage Construction

Usually required for medical, aircraft, or other critical applications, where UL or other agency requirements for leakage current are very stringent. This construction is designed to customer specifications depending on the individual application or agency requirements. Typically heaters 3/8″ (10mm) diameter and above will be acceptable. Consult Heatron for your application.

Passivation or electro-polished finishes

Available to protect against corrosion.

Dual voltage cartridge heaters

Can be engineered to operate on two separate voltage ratings.

Zoned wattage cartridge heaters

Can be engineered to operate at two different watt ratings within a single heater. Also known as "Controlled Heat Profile" (CHP)


Material Availability

Corrosion resistant sheath materials available such as 316L and 304 stainless steels as well as Incoloy™. Passivated and electro-polished finishes are available.

Lead wire materials are available to match a variety to applications. Heatron HEATROD leads should be selected to withstand the maximum ambient temperature for the intended service. Moisture and contaminants are also important considerations.

Depending on the application, many of the insulation materials available are UL or CSA recognized or meet Military Specification (MilSpec). Contact Heatron Engineering for specific construction ratings.

Threaded fittings are available in stainless steel and brass.

Size Availability

Diameters from 1/4″ to 3/4″ and 8mm to 20mm
Any length from 1" to 60". Contact Heatron for length options longer than 60".

Agency Approvals

Heatron’s HEATROD Cartridge heaters are Underwriters Laboratories, (UL), recognized components under file #E91597. Heatron has the most extensive UL option list in the heater industry. Heatron has been through the UL approval process numerous times, early involvement by Heatron can save your company time and money.

Heatron’s HEATROD Cartridge heaters are recognized by the Canadian Standards Association, (CSA), under file #LR66355-1. Many of the same options available under UL are also available under CSA. Heatron also has significant experience with European and other international approval agencies.

Heatron has TUV approval under test specifications EN60335-1/A11 and EN61010-1A2. This approval gives Heatron the option of CE marking its elements.


Innovative solutions using the Heatrod cartridge heaters are being designed every day by Heatron for our clients in a wide array of industrial and commercial applications.


Dialysis, Sterilization, Blood Analyzer, Nebulizer, Blood/Fluid Warmer, Temperature Therapy


Deicing, Enclosure Heater


Oil/Block Heater, Aircraft Hot Beverage Makers, Air Dryers, Pitot Tube Heaters

Food Service

Steamers, Dish Washers


Packaging Equipment, Hole Punches, Hot Stamp, Braking Resistors, Plastic Molding and Extrusion Equipment, Construction Material Warming