Get functional heater prototypes in two weeks or less with the Heatron Express program.

Functional heater prototypes, fast.

The Heatron Express program delivers functional heater prototypes in two weeks or less. The program will initially be available to qualified projects using the Heatflex family of flexible heating elements.  Heatflex heaters include etched foil on DuPont™ Kapton® or all-Polyimide, silicone etched, and silicone wire wound options.

The two-week time frame begins at drawing approval. Note that specialty components or complex designs and assemblies may add to production time.

Contact Heatron today to find out if your next project is eligible for Heatron Express.

About Heatron

Heatron is a US-located manufacturer of heating elements and thick film circuit solutions for the medical device industry. Our in-house engineering and design teams help you navigate every aspect of heater development, including technology selection, testing and control, accelerating the launch of your medical device.

Heatron specializes in custom design of heating elements and thick film circuits, but can also work from pre-existing drawings. Our manufacturing centers in Kansas and Pennsylvania generate millions of units per year for customers that include some of the largest medical device brands in the world. Heatron is ISO 9001:2008 registered and an FDA registered establishment.