Erie Completes Phase I Expansion

Erie Completes Phase I Expansion

The need for rapid production capacity increases due to a record breaking sales year in 2014 led to Heatron quickly executing an expansion at its Erie, Pennsylvania production facility.

This expansion, which broke ground in March 2014, led to a 30 percent increase in square footage as well as new state-of-the-art equipment and 100 additional high quality jobs for the Erie region. The Erie location of Heatron designs and tests thick film heaters and hybrid circuit boards as well as handling the manufacturing for LED lighting modules, thick film heaters and hybrid circuit boards.

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Heatron has experienced tremendous growth since establishing a presence in Erie in 2002. With the completion of Phase I construction in September, plans are now underway for Phase II, focusing on interior remodeling for improved employee facilities and expanded engineering and quality management space. Despite the potential disruption of the expansion, the team in Erie has maintained its ongoing commitment to quality for current customers.

“Our team stayed focused on quality standards throughout the expansion process,” said Bob Martter, vice president of operations for Heatron in Erie. “With tens of millions of parts shipped, we have not had one single return during this ramp-up.”

Completed in just six months, the expansion provides additional space for engineering services, including prototyping and analytical instrumentation, and an increased footprint for assembly. Additionally, the company will experience increased surface mount technology automation for thick film heaters, hybrid circuit boards and LED lighting modules.

“The entire Erie team has gone to great lengths to make this expansion happen seamlessly and on time,” said H.B. Turner, president, Heatron. “They have shown a level of commitment to the customer that is world-class and have helped put Heatron in a strong position for future growth.”