HB Turner Announces Retirement Plans

HB Turner Announces Retirement Plans

H.B. Turner, President and CEO of Heatron, Inc., will be stepping down from his current role effective January 1, 2018, after 35+ years of service. H.B. has served as Heatron’s President since 2004.

He has been with the company since 1982, having previously served as Executive Vice President, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and National Sales Manager, respectively. H.B. also served as one of Heatron’s largest shareholders from 1986 until the successful purchase of Heatron by NIBE Industrier AB March 1st, 2016. During his tenure, H.B. has successfully led Heatron’s corporate growth and profitability through strategic planning and acquisitions. 

When asked about the future of Heatron, H.B. commented “NIBE Element (Backer EHP) has been the perfect acquirer for Heatron and an ideal successor to the original stockholders efforts to grow Heatron as a long term and sustainable brand for heating technologies serving companies worldwide. I’m very comfortable leaving after 35 years of working in a business I very much enjoyed, knowing Backer/NIBE Element will continue to build on Heatron’s success. I am confident that the future of Heatron and the future of its long term associates are in very good hands.  Thomas Egerstrom (Managing Director & CEO of Backer EHP North America), Christer Fredriksson (Managing Director of the Element Division), Gerteric Lindquist (Managing Director & CEO of NIBE), Hans Backman (CFO NIBE), and Michael Laursen, (Managing Director of San and Danotherm) all have been wonderful to work with and work for during this short time.” 

After completion of his post at Heatron, H.B. plans to stay busy spending more time with his wife of 28 years, Tammy, and with his three daughters and son-in-law. H.B. will also remain with the NIBE family as a consultant for Backer EHP. In his consulting role, H.B. will focus on business development, mergers and acquisitions, and succession planning for Backer North America.
Effective January, 1, 2018, Robert “Bob” Martter, will assume the role of President and CEO of Heatron Inc. Bob currently serves as the Vice President and Manager of the Erie Operations for Heatron, and has served on the Heatron management team since Erie was acquired in May 2002. 

Bob started his career as a Project Engineer for DuPont and during his 6-year tenure with DuPont, Bob served as a Production Supervisor and Sales Representative. In 1985, Bob joined the Ferro Corporation, a world-wide specialty chemicals company as a Product Manager. In 1998 Bob was assigned to Erie, PA as Sales and Marketing Manager of Ferro-ECA Electronics. Shortly thereafter, Bob was promoted to Vice President and General Manager of the company. American Trim, LLC purchased the company in 1993, renaming the venture ECA Electronics and naming Bob as Executive Vice President. Bob led the company through its acquisition by Heatron in 2002. 

Over the next four months, H.B. and Bob will focus on a successful transition of the President and CEO role. As Heatron transitions into the beginning of CY2018, increased focus on the core business of Flexible, Cartridge, Thick Film heating elements and LED lighting products will be critical for the continued growth of Heatron and Backer North America.

About Heatron, Inc.
Heatron, Inc. manufactures custom heating elements, circuits, and LED products for OEM manufacturers in our Leavenworth, KS and Erie, PA located factories. We offer a full range of heater technologies for consumer to industrial 3D printers, including flexible Kapton® and silicone heaters, heated tubing, cartridge heaters and mica. Global brands look to Heatron for design support, scalable component manufacturing, turn-key assembly and supply chain support. Heatron is a part of the NIBE Element group. ISO 9001:2008