Deep Drawn Cartridge Heaters

High altitude. High stress. High performance. The seamless metal jacket on this specialized cartridge heater is formed from a single sheet of metal, resulting in superior sheath integrity for high altitude and high stress applications. Deep drawn eliminates risk of weld failure when equipment reliability is of vital concern. Contact Heatron for a design consultation to select the right set of options for your application.

  • Highest integrity heater option
  • No weld, seamless metal sheath
  • Optimized for high altitiude, corrosive or critical care environments
  • Electropolish or passivation
  • Sheath: 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, Incoloy® 
  • Lead Exit: straight, right angle, elbow, double ended, bent radius
  • Lead Wire: fiberglass, silicone, Teflon®, Teflon® high amperage, straight pins
  • Outer Jacket: stainless steel braid, stainless steel cable, strain relief spring, silicone, fiberglass, steatite ceramic beads
  • End Seal: mica, ceramic, silicone, Teflon®, epoxy
  • Fittings: silicone rubber overmold, post terminal, UL listed plug, bolt heater, conduit box
  • Mountings: threaded fittings, locating ring, flange
  • Lead: crimped on, swaged in, no-heat extension
  • Special Coatings: non-stick, electropolish, passivation

Insulation and heater materials available with UL, CSA or Mil Spec recognition.


Value-Added Controls

  • Controlled Heat Profile: custom distributed wattage heat profile
  • Internal thermocouple: type and location is design specified


More Options

  • Low leakage current
  • Dual voltage
  • Dual wattage
  • Ground wires
  • Three phase power
  • Special marks and labeling


Nominal Diameter (in.)



Maximum Amps



Maximum Volts



Maximum Watts

Download brochure for details.

Maximum Length




  • Amperage data determined by current capability or internal parts and lead wire. Contact Heatron for specifications beyond range given.
  • Wattage is a function of voltage and added controls. Find wattage maximums and minimums in the downloadable brochure. Contact Heatron for specifications beyond those listed in brochure.

Download Heatron's custom cartridge heater brochure for additional design specifications.

Deep Drawn Cartridge Heaters are optimized for performance and reliability in high stress environments. 

  • Aviation: galley equipment, water heaters 
  • Medical: fluid warming, vaporization, laboratory equipment
  • Industrial: immersion in water, chemicals or oil; plastic reclamation
  • UL E91597 (UL 499) 
  • CSA LR66355-1 (CSA-C22.2)
  • TUV* EN60335-1/A11 and EN61010-1A2

* This approval gives Heatron the option of CE marking. Heatron offers an extensive UL option list and builds to UL 6061/IEC-60601 standard.