Disposable Heater Technologies

Disposable heaters must minimize material use while delivering the right level of performance. Heatron’s engineers will work with you to select the right technology for your disposable applications from our Flex, Polyester, Thick Film or Specialty product groups.

  • Appropriate for single-use and disposable devices
  • Cost-effective through innovative design choices, not compromising performance
  • Ideal for low voltage and lower watt-density applications
  • Options in Kapton®, Polyimide, Polyester and Thick Film to accommodate device specifications
  • Best for projects with high production volumes


Success in developing disposable heating elements requires design flexibility and the ability to find innovative solutions to complex design problems. Heatron follows a systemic development process that allows us to test multiple design options in sync with your product development cycle. You realize cost savings by minimizing material costs and selecting the right heater for your project.

Disposable heaters are a necessity for point of care medical devices, consumer goods, laboratory kits and security applications. Heatron offers a range of heater options for high-volume, single-use heating element projects from our Flex, Polyester, and Thick Film product groups.
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There is no single product option for “disposable” heaters. For solutions within a given performance range, review the product types linked below.

Product Options for Disposables:    
•    Kapton/Polyimide Etched foil
•    Polyester etched
•    Thick film  

** Operating conditions outside this range can be available. Contact Heatron for engineering support for details.


Cost effectiveness, and lower wattage and voltage options make these heating elements popular for disposable and high-volume applications. Contact Heatron's design team to discuss design options for your product.

  • Medical
    • Wound care
    • Short term air and fluid heating
    • Surgical
  • Air fresheners
  • Food service
  • Low temperature
  • High volume
  • Moisture sensing
  • Conductors
  • Disposable applications
  • Packaging