Full Spectrum Linear Modules

Veraline S-Series 22” board features 110 Seoul Semiconductor Sunlike LEDs and delivers very high spectral content.

  • 3500 lumens from 34W
  • Ra = 97
  • Available in 2700K-5000K
  • TM-30 Rf = 96
  • TM 30 Rg = 102
  • 3 Step color uniformity

The Sunlike LEDs by Seoul Semiconductor offer an industry leading spectral content perfect for photography, broadcast lighting and horticultural lighting.

The 22" linear form factor makes his product work in most standard mid and high bay type fixtures with an industry standard mounting hole pattern.

This product can be completely customized.  Contact us now!

The max drive current is 1.0A.  At this current, the forward voltage is approximately 34.5V. 

Heatron recommends using programmable drivers from established LED driver manufacturers.

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