MHD Single Light LED Module

Heatron's new metal-core PCB with high-powered Cree MHD-E or MHD-G LEDs gives you a fast, low-cost platform. Part of the Innovation Series of LED light modules.

  • New Cree MHD family LEDs
  • 840-1380 minimum lumen output
  • Color Temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K
  • 80 CRI
  • 18 Volts or 36 Volts options
  • 18-26AWG Poke-In connectors
  • Mounted on metal core

The newest Cree MHD-E or MHD-G LEDs are mounted on a metal core PCB for improved thermal performance, although additional heat sinking may be required at full power.

Features include 18-26AWG Poke-In connectors and support for most LEDil optics. Module is available in 18 or 36 volts and three color temperature options: 2700K, 3000K and 4000K, with lumen output up to 1380 lumens.

Note that actual output varies and is dependent upon optics, driver current and temperature.

Part Finder:

Heatron Part Number Description Min. Lumen Output
JDHT1L-AE827-8003-18 Cree MHD-E evaluation module: 2700K, 80CRI, 3 SDCM 18V 840 lumens
JDHT1L-AE830-8003-18 Cree MHD-E evaluation module: 3000K, 80CRI, 3 SDCM 18V 840 lumens
JDHT1L-AE840-8003-18 Cree MHD-E evaluation module: 4000K, 80CRI, 3 SDCM 18V 900 lumens
JDHT1L-AG827-8003-36 Cree MHD-G evaluation module: 2700K,
80 CRI, 3 SDCM, 36V
1290  lumens
JDHT1L-AG830-8003-36 Cree MHD-G evaluation module: 3000K, 
80 CRI, 3 SDCM, 36V
1380 lumens
JDHT1L-AG840-8003-36 Cree MHD-G evaluation module: 4000K, 
80 CRI, 3 SDCM, 36V
1380 lumens