PTC Self-Regulating Heater

This polymer-based PTC self-regulating heater maintains steady heat within ±2°C of target temperature without added controls. Custom designed for each application. Specially formulated for single-use or disposable application.

  • Eliminates need for applied controls
  • Holds target temperature to within ±2°C
  • Uniform heat distribution to heater edge
  • Custom-designed for each application
  • Lightweight, flat and flexible design
  • Energy efficient

Design specifications are based on a typical application. Heaters are custom designed for each application. Contact Heatron for guidance on performance beyond the specifications given below.

Temperature Maximum: 40°C-95°C Typical
Minimum Dimensions: 1 cm
Maximum Dimensions: 3 cm
Typical thickness: 20 mils
Operating Voltage Maximum: Design dependent
Operating Current: Design dependent

This heater is a specialized component designed for use in single-use or disposable applications such as those listed below.

Contact Heatron for guidance on applicability for your project.

Hand-held devices
DNA analyzers
Field diagnostic equipment
Home care devices