VERALINE Linear High Bay LED Module

Veraline LHB’s 22” board features 110 Samsung LM301Z LEDs and delivers over 10,000 lumens at 158 lumens per watt.

  • 10,000 lumens from 65W
  • 3 SDCM Color Uniformity
  • Zhaga Book 7 inspired footprint
  • L70 greater than 36,000 hours
  • 158 lumens/Watt at MAX Power!
  • Long lasting, reliable Samsung LEDs

One will need to find a higher lumen density LED module in order to reduce fixture size, and subsequently, cost.  Enter the VERALINE LHB (linear high bay) LED module.  This 22" long LED module can deliver up to 10,000 lumens from a single strip.


  • Up to  10,000 lumens per module
  • 560mm x 24mm x 1.6mm
  • 158lm/W module efficacy at 65W
Can be customized for any application!

The max drive current is 2.0A.  At this current, the forward voltage is approximately 32.5V. 

Heatron recommends using programmable drivers from established LED driver manufacturers.

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