Video Transcript: Capabilities in LED Integration


Speaker: Brian Coates, Engineering Manager


My name is Brian Coates. I am the LED Product Development Manager at Heatron.


Some of the advantages of LED Lighting are primarily for energy savings because they do generally consume less energy than traditional light sources. And it's a green technology.


The technology for LED is changing at such a rapid pace that a lot of people have a hard time keeping up. Heatron in its history has been pretty nimble in adopting new technologies, and in being able to solve the customer's problem in innovative ways with that new technology.


One of the ways we're able to adapt to a wide variety of customers and their wide-ranging technical fields is that our factory has a history of serving high-volume, high quality products to very discerning customers and by adopting the most stringent standards it allows us to support the most stringent customers.


Ultimately, we're experts in the industry. We have our fingers on the latest thermal management trends, the latest LED trends, the latest technologies, and we have the optical expertise to shape all of that light into something useful.


We designed one of the latest light fixtures that won a bid in the city of New York to be installed in the Central Park area. And so all of the decorative roadway fixtures you see as you walk through central park will be the Spring City fixtures with the Heatron LED light engine.