Video Transcript: Capabilities in Heating

0:00:00     Title: Heatron Capabilities in Heating

Speaker: Craig Schmidling, Director, Applications Engineering

0:00:03     I'm Craig Schmidling, Applications Engineering Manager with Heatron. We service a wide variety of customers in different kinds of industries, and they have a wide variety of needs.

0:00:12     Most customers have requirements of putting heat precisely where they need it, and Heatron is good at doing that. Taking a situation where there isn't a known solution, but there is a known problem, and then applying what we've done in the past new technology and new processes and trying to solve that problem.

0:00:37     The heaters that we design and build here, are specifically designed with the specifications and needs of the customer in mind and that allows them to out-perform other sorts of solutions.

0:00:51     When you deal with the range of customers that we do sometimes those customers have a large engineering department, sometimes they don't sometimes they have expertise in heating, many times they don't so Heatron will fill those gaps in the customer's engineering. And we'll work with them, and be a beginning-to-end solutions provider.

0:01:09    One challenging application was for heaters that go into machines that do analysis of DNA and the heaters are quite small, and the heating requirements are quite tight so it was very important for us to precisely lay out the circuit traces To provide heat exactly where the customer needed it, and
that was a challenging application

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