Video Transcript: Endlessly Inventive

0:00:00     Title: Heatron  - Endlessly Inventive

Speaker: HB Turner, Director

0:00:03     We believe that we are an endlessly inventive company and by that I mean that when a customer comes to us they don't always know - in fact they usually don't know - what it is they want. So, we can come up with a way to create a product that helps them get to the market faster better cost, high quality.

Speaker: Bernie Rogers, VP Human Resources

0:00:19     We have to stay relevant in what we do, and we consider ourselves a technology company. Technology changes all the time, and so we have to be and stay abreast of that.

Speaker: Brian Stewart, Director, Quality

0:00:32     …and I think we've tried to challenge the status quo. So I'm not necessarily a status quo kind of guy. I don't like it. I think there are things we can do to improve. We've certainly done that in the quality department. We're looking at ways to stretch the resources we have and utilize that...

Speaker: Brian Coates, Manager, LED Product Development

0:00:44     There's a lot of institutionalism in the lighting space. There's a very specific way to attack lighting problems. There's a very specific way to attack electrical problems and optical problems, and Heatron likes to challenge some of these preconceived notions of what is going to work.

Speaker: Kerry Thackeray, Director, Leavenworth Operations

0:01:03     It's important that we engage our employees - our associates - on the floor in that innovative process that we don't leave it to our engineers to come up with the good ideas, that we also need that input from our associates.

Speaker: Scott Burch, Director, Sales

0:01:15     Endlessly Inventive obviously is an intriguing marketing term, but what it really means to us is never saying no, always finding the will to come up with the means to meet a requirement and an objective.

Speaker: Craig Schmidling, Director, Applications Engineering

0:01:30     To me, Endlessly Inventive means that you're willing to look outside the box and do things that are best for your customer and try to do things that are new and bring value to them.

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