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More options.

Higher performance flexible heaters differentiate your product.

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Spotlight on VeraLine

Go to greater lengths with VeraLine linear LED modules.

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CPAP Heater

Heatron rescued the product development timeline of a consumer medical device with prompt failure analysis, parallel prototyping and expertise.

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High Performance. Superior Insulation.

Engineered to meet stringent critical-care standards.


From initial concept and design to complex integration and manufacturing, Heatron will help you through the difficult choices of proper heating elements to accelerate the launch of your products.

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LED Lighting

Heatron LED Integration helps OEMs reduce costs, speed time-to-market and ensure superior quality and performance. Our proven experience in complex project development ensures your success.

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Heatron Vision

Endlessly Inventive

We have the determination to lead our customers to a new level of success.


Products that are an integral component of those products created by the World's Most Innovative Companies.


One that makes unique products or creates something that was not possible before.

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Through new ideas and actions which result in an improvement, gain and ultimately profit for our Customers, Heatron and our Associates.