Capabilities in Heating Elements

Innovative thermal management solutions maximize performance in product design.

Heatron is a full-service heating element supplier to OEMs with proficiency in thermal management, heating element design and application, and design for manufacture. More than 35 years of experience in thermal management means our engineers deliver precise, uniform heat exactly where you need it. Look to Heatron for higher performance solutions custom-designed for the application at hand.

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Heatron operates as an extension of your product development team, bringing a complete systems approach to integrating heating elements into electronic systems. Our engineering team brings specialized knowledge in thermal management leading to more insights, more options and a faster time to market.

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Heatron heating elements are custom-designed for your project needs.

Form factors, power densities, performance requirements and controls can all affect the choice of heating technology. Why limit your design to the performance ranges of standard product? Heatron heating elements are custom optimized for your application, giving you improved performance, cost and safety.

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Our engage process accommodates your project timeline without complications.

Heatron has a time-tested, open product management framework that is designed to adapt to your project timeline. The staged development process allows for parallel prototyping streams and ensures optimum design for your project.

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World-class quality-assured heating element manufacturing in scalable, high-velocity facilities.

Hasten time to market by centralizing heater production with component assembly in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Heatron follows lean manufacturing principles, so you can count on production consistency throughout the life of the project. Our adherence to quality and sustainability means we can meet the most stringent regulatory requirements ISO 9001.

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