Etched Mica Heaters

Heatron etched mica heaters offer an operating temperature range of -150°C to 500°C. A good choice for larger dimensions, tight traces and high watt density give you a greater level of performance control. Mica heaters are rigid, and have minimal out-gassing after first power up. Mounting holes ensure even application of heat.

  • Highest watt density flex heater
  • Highest operating temperature flex heater
  • Distributed wattage allows for higher watt density at edges
  • In-house assembly of leads and attachments available
  • Zoned wattage, dual voltage, integrated sensors available

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Heatron etched mica heaters consist of etched foil tracing bonded between thin sheets of mica. Mica is highly tolerant of heat and, after an initial power-up, mica heaters can hold steady heat to 500°C (1112°F) or 800°C intermittently.

Like all etched heaters, mica heaters offer high watt density and distributed wattage for minimal edge loss, giving you unmatched control over hot and cold spots.

Ask Heatron about design options such as zoned wattage, dual voltage and integrated sensors. In-house assembly of heaters to customer-supplied parts is also available.

Temperature Maximum:
500°C (800°C Intermittent)

Operating Temperature Minimum:

Voltage Maximum:
500 Volts

Standard Length/Width Tolerance:
<12" ±0.060"; >12", ±0.125"

Nominal Thickness (<240V):
0.0762 cm
0.030 in.

Maximum Dimensions:
55.88 cm x 55.88 cm
Up to 22 in. x 22 in.

Resistance Tolerance:

RoHS Compliance

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