Quality Assurance Associate

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Position Summary

Understands and interprets design sheets, read drawings, inspect heaters per final inspection sheet, design sheet, and MSs. Tests resistance, dielectric strength, meg-ohms, and be able to use of rulers, calipers, micrometers, plug gauges, and check visual appearance, as well as perform other inspections or tests as required.

Plans, organizes and performs audits and verification to verify adherance to policy, procedures and good management practice. Analyzes the findings, reports areas being done especially well, requests corrective action when appropriate.

Trains final inspection and completion of record including special tests and first article inspections for production lines.

Trains new inspectors and associates on use of measuring devices, quality procedures and techniques.

Essential Functions

Use measuring instruments including but not limited to; rulers, calipers, micrometers, plug and ring gauges, thread gauges, volt/ohm meters, fluidized temperature bath, megohm meter, leakage current meter, dielectric testers, coating thickness tester, and check visual appearance, as well as perform other inspections or tests as required.

Trains associates in the use of measuring instruments including those listed above.

Program and teach the use of and programing of all electronic equipment such as; volt/ohm meters, leakage current meter, and dielectric testers.

Understand and interpret job packets and designs, inspection procedures and drawings in order to verify the quality of parts and products meet Heatron standards.

Inspect parts and products during all phases of production for mechanical and electrical characteristics.

Audits production for conformance to Processes and Procedures.

Initiate, complete, evaluate and verify Corrective and Preventive Action Requests for non-conforming materials and conditions.

Administates Corrective and Preventive Acton system including obtaining signitures.

Maintains Corrective and Preventive Acton Log inlcuding hyperlink, critical dates and notes of verification of actions.

Verifies RMA corrective and preventive to determine if effective and efficient.

Completes the computer verification record of RMA followup audits and indicates when closed.

Verifies actions on the Re-Training log and determines if effective.

Audits production In-line as a spot review of paperwork completion, and adherance to processes and procedures on a daily basis.

Audits top customers' products for repetitive problems before shipping per final inspection checklists developed by the associate.

Completes and communicates information to Customer Care of deviations and non-conforming FAX.

Audits and trains in the use of Internal Customer Inspection Sheet and determines if it is filled out correctly.

Audits and trains in the use of all items on Final Inspection Form.

Explains what ISO9001 is and how Heatron’s Quality System meets ISO9001 requirements..

Understands basic drawing symbols.

Other duties or projects as assigned.

Position Qualifications

Competancy Statements

  • Working Under Pressure - Working under pressure looks at the ability of the individual to maintain composure when exposed to stressSelf-motivated - Self motivational skills looks at the ability of the individual to reach a goal or perform a task with little supervision or direction.
  • Communication, Oral- Oral Communication skills looks at the extent to which an individual communicates with economy and clarity, actively engaging in conversations in order to clearly understand others' message and intent, and receives and processes feedback.
  • Judgement - The skill of judgment looks at the ability of the individual to form sound opinions or make decisions by evaluating available information.
  • Detail Oriented - Detail orientation looks at the ability of the individual to pay meticulous attention to all aspects of a situation or task, no matter how small or seemingly unimportant.


High School Graduate or General Education Degree (GED). Further studies in mechanical/technical areas is prefered.


One years in experience in manufacturing and one year in Inspections prefered.

Inquire about available jobs here: jobs at heatron.com.

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