Thick Film Nozzle Heater

The simplicity of Heatron's new thick film nozzle heater belies its power. By printing the heater directly on the block, we can direct heat precisely when and where it's needed. This gives 3D printer OEMs unprecedented control over hot end temperature, with a dramatically reduced thermal differential between the nozzle and the sensor.

  • Printed circuit on aluminum block
  • Eliminates separate cartridge heater
  • Reduces thermal differential substantially
  • Less variation in tip temperature
  • Uniform block temperature
  • Highly customizable to your specifications
  • Easy assembly to existing components
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Temperature variation in an FDM printer can lead to poor prints, clogged print heads and angry users. Heatron's new nozzle heater reduces the temperature differential between the nozzle and the sensor dramatically, giving you a more accurate picture of your printer's performance. Combined with the advanced thermal control inherent in thick film technology, you can increase printer efficiency and print quality by applying more even heat.

This nozzle heater includes the machined aluminum block and the lead assembly. Just add your own sensor and nozzle. The aluminum block can be provided by the customer, or machined by Heatron to your specifications.

See the nozzle heater in action:

Heatron's thick film heater printed on an aluminum block heats results in more even heating in this 3D Printer hot end.

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Machined Block

Use our standard machined aluminum block, or provide us with your own block. Heatron supply chain support can source your block design.


The sensor will be specified by each application, and can be provided to Heatron or sourced through our supply chain support team.


The model listed above was tested at 12VAC. Design with other requirements is possible; contact Heatron to request engineering support.

In-House Assembly

Save time and speed time-to-market. Let Heatron's in-house assembly team expertly incorporate your nozzle heater into customer-supplied assemblies

Block size:

38mm x 25 mm / 1.5" x 1"

Block material:


Block weight:

5 g / 0.176 oz

Operating Temperature Range:

25°C-300°C / 77°F-572°F

Operating Temperature Maximum:

300°C / 572°F

Trial Watts:


Trial Volts:



** Numbers below represent dimensions and performance of prototype unit. For custom solutions outside the parameters listed here, please contact Heatron for design assistance.

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