Polyester Etched Foil Heating Elements

An economical alternative for low-temperature, larger-scale applications. HEATFLEX polyester heaters are constructed using an etched foil heating element. Advanced circuit imaging combined with chemical etching allows designers the flexibility to distribute wattage while creating multiple heat patterns in a single heater. Contact Heatron for a design consultation to select the right set of options for your application.

  • Precise heat distribution
  • Superior tensile strength
  • Low outgassing
  • High dielectric strength
  • Flexible circuit design
  • Elimination of edge loss due to distributed wattage compensation
  • Multiple layers possible

Download Datasheet Pdf, 334 kB.

Overview Options Specifications Applications
  • UL E91597 (UL 499)
  • Extensive experience with FDA and CE Mark approvals.


Wattage and Voltage

Custom watt density and multi-zone controls are available for added efficiency. Distributed wattage can compensate for heat loss and create uniform temperature profiles. Polyester etch circuits typically operate from 2 to 240 volts, including dual voltage, and function with AC and DC voltage sources.

Surface Mount Sensors and Thermostats

Heatron offers a selection of sensors, thermostats and thermal fuses that maximize efficiency for your application, and can be incorporated in the assembly process. Sensors can be mounted over heated and non-heated sections. RTDs or thermistors provide direct, onboard temperature feedback and control for more complex heater system assembly.

Connecting Leads

A wide range of connections are available. Typical options include PVC insulated, Teflon® (TFE) insulated, 19-strand silver plated copper conductor, flexible circuits and silicon rubber.

Attachment Methods

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive can be bonded to customer’s part at Heatron’s facility or applied for attachment at customer location.

Value Added Options

  • Ground circuits or wires
  • Three phase power
  • Over-temperature control
  • Special marks and labels


Max UL Component Recognition Operating Temperature



Operating Temperature Minimum



Watt Density Maximum

7.8 W/cm²

50 W/in²

Nominal Thickness

0.15 mm

0.006 in.

Dielectric Strength

300 V/mil.

Maximum Dimensions

560mm x 560mm

22 in. x 22 in.

Maximum Resistance Density

115 Ω/in²

Dimensional Tolerance

Less than 150 mm | Less than 6"

± 0.8 mm

± 0.03"

150 mm to 300 mm | 6" to 12"

± 1.5 mm

± 0.06"

Greater than 300 mm | Greater than 12"

± 3.0 mm

± 0.12"

Resistance Tolerance


Three Dimensions

wrapped or applied

  • Amperage data determined by current capability or internal parts and lead wire. Contact Heatron for specifications beyond range given.
  • Wattage is a function of voltage and added controls. Find wattage maximums and minimums in the downloadable brochure. Contact Heatron for specifications beyond those listed in brochure.

Download Heatron's custom heater brochure for additional design specifications. Pdf, 334 kB.

  • Medical and Life Science: medical devices, laboratory equipment, veterinary tables
  • Industrial: battery heaters, enclosures
  • Foodservice: foodservice equipment, warming trays, anti-condensation cabinets
  • Transportation: comfort heaters, battery warming
  • 3D-Printers: heating mats

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