Silicone Etch Foil Heaters

Efficient. Reliable. Flexible. Combine the structural stability and flexibility of silicone rubber with the precise heating controls of etched foil, and you get Heatron's silicone etch foil heaters. The high-strength fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber housing can be vulcanized to conform to the contours of diversely shaped parts. Flexible silicone rubber heaters offer up to twice the wattage of wire wound options.

  • Elimination of edge loss due to compensation using distributed wattage
  • Complex heat distribution
  • Variety of wattage and watt density
  • Great heat coverage
  • Excellent circuit repeatability
  • Flexible heating elements can fit a number of custom applications

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Heatron's silicone rubber etched foil heaters offer greater heat coverage and up to twice the wattage density of wire wound. When watt density matters, Heatron’s state-of-the-art flexible circuitry allows designers to distribute wattage and create complex heat distribution patterns with silicone rubber.

- Etched foil provides options for variable watt density and complex heat patterns.

- Etching circuits is an efficient means for manufacturing in high quantities.

- Foil thickness ranges from .0005″ to .004″ depending on your required resistance.

- Different foil material types can be used depending on the heater resistance needed.

- Etched designs are excellent for applications requiring watt densities greater than 5 watts/in2.

- Excellent choice for heaters that require multi-zoned wattages or heaters that have many holes or cutouts.

- Offers excellent circuit repeatability.

- Elimination of edge loss due to compensation using distributed wattage.

Engineering services and consultation are available on every custom heating element order. Contact a specialist today for details about our flexible silicone rubber heaters, or other custom heating applications.


HEATFLEX is one of Heatron's most widely used heater designs. The flexible substrate housing and etched or wire-wound heating elements provide maximum flexibility for your design in size, configuration and technical specifications. Suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.


Heatflex flexible heaters can accommodate a wide range of design configurations, attachments, leads and sensors to meet your project requirements.


  • Custom designed to operate up to 600 volts.
  • Resistive element and functions with AC and DC voltage sources.
  • With dual voltage, you get the same heater for 110 and 220 volt equipment.


  • Distributed Wattage can be used to compensate for heat loss and create uniform temperature in application. Operate more efficiently by applying heat were it is needed
  • Heatflex heaters can be designed with multiple zones, controlled and operated independently. This approach saves time and minimizes design iterations in product development.


  • Heatflex can be supplied with a variety of sensors, thermocouples, thermistors and RTDs.
  • Our design team can assist you with custom mounting options to achieve optimal results.
  • Sensors can be mounted over heated and non-heated sections. Most thermocouples, thermistor or RTD sensors can be incorporated into the Heatflex assembly process.

Thermostats & Thermal Fuses

  • Designed to provide maximum efficiency for your application.
  • Large selection of bimetallic thermostats to perform control and safety functions. Our thermostats are limited to 240 volts and 15 amps.

Heatflex heaters provide sensory control, including partial temperature capacity. This serves to limit the temperature of the heating element itself, is a great back-up temperature controller, and it is ideal for freeze prevention and condensation build-up in outdoor electronic enclosures.

  • Thermostats can be mounted with the sensory side exposed to the ambient air inside the enclosure.
  • Thermostats can be mounted over a heated or non-heated section. By placing the thermostat over a heated section, the thermostat will limit the temperature of the heating element itself.

Connecting Leads

Typical Options Include:

  • Teflon® (TFE) insulated, 19-strand silver plated copper conductor.
  • Silicone rubber insulated leads.
  • HPN (lamp or zip cord).
  • SJO cord.

Leads can be sleeved the leads in Silicone coated fiberglass, heat shrink or stainless steel overbraid.

Attachment Methods

  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for attachment at customer location.
  • Heaters can be vulcanized to conform to the contours of a variety of shapes and sizes of metals and plastics. This method provides intimate contact and superior heat transfer to the part being heated.
  • Attach and detach materials – over and over again. Snaps, Spring Clasps, Hooks, Velcro® – just about any fastener can be incorporated into the design for easy attachment to almost any part configuration.

Thermal Insulation

HEATFLEX heaters can be supplied with a variety of insulation types, normally 1/8” to 1/2” medium density Silicone rubber sponge. Heatron has devised sponges that resist compression for applications where the combined heater and sponge will be under pressure.

DuPont™ Kapton®/
All Polyimide

Silicone Etch

Silicone Wire

Max Operating Temp*

260°C 500°F

200°C 392°F

220°C 428°

Min Operating Temp

-60°C -76°F

-55°C -70°F

-55°C -70°F

Max Watt Density

50 W/in2

60 W/in2

12 W/in2

Nominal Thickness

0.15 mm 0.006”

0.76 mm 0.030”

1.0 mm 0.040”

Dielectric Strength

3000 V/mil

400 V/mil

400 V/mil

Max Size

560 x 560 mm
22" x 22"

560 x 710 mm
22" x 28"

915 x 1775 mm
36" x 70"

Max Resistance

115 Ω/in2

115 Ω/in2

1000 Ω/in2

Dimensional Tolerance

Less than 150 mm Less than 6”

± 0.8 mm ± 0.03”

150 to 300 mm 6” to 12”

± 1.5 mm ± 0.06

Greater than 300 mm Greater than 12”

± 3.0 mm ± 0.12”

Resistance Tolerances

+10% | -5%


Medical & Life Sciences

Dialysis, CPAP, DNA Analysis, Blood Diagnostics, Surgical Irrigation, Blood/Fluid Warming, Instrument Warming, MRI Equipment, Temperature Therapy, Sterilization,

Aviation & Transportation

Instrumentation, Personal Comfort Heating in Aviation, Over the Road Truck and Railcar Freeze Protection, Battery and Oil Heating, Auto and Motorcycles


Antennas, Enclosures, Microwave Repeaters, Back-Up Battery Systems

Food Service

Warming Cabinets, Heated Display Shelves, Prep Stations, Fryer Systems, Toasting/Grilling Platters


Chemical Detection, Explosives Detection, Cameras


Fuel Cells, Power Meters, Battery systems, Transmission Switches


Packaging Lines, Electronic Enclosures, Freeze Protection, Motor Heaters, Cold Storage Equipment

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