LED Assemblies


Heatron Capabilities in LED Integration and high level assemblies

Heatron's expertise is in thermal management. We take an idea or a need or a problem, add an endlessly inventive engineering process, and create something that was not possible before. In custom design or build-to-specifications, Heatron consistently delivers high-quality products and superior performance to our customers.

We are experts in the design and manufacture of heaters and LED boards and modules.

  • Commercial & Industrial Lighting
  • Aerospace Lighting
  • Horticulture & Floriculture Lighting
  • Rail & Transportation
  • Industrial Equipment

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Heatron LED Assembly on alumina thick film circuit
Heatron LED Assembly for Industrial Applications
Heatron LED Assembly for Aviation
Heatron LED Assembly on Copper Substrate
Heatron Chip Scale LED Assemblies
Heatron custom LED power supply assembly

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