Thick Film Aluminum (Al)

High thermal conductivity makes Aluminum an excellent substrate where fast, uniform heat transfer is required. Aluminum’s anodization acts as a natural insulator that offers outstanding reliability and efficiency. Recommended for low-heat and 3-dimensional installations.

  • Steady, low heat up to 150°C
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Fast ramp-up and cool-down
  • High temperature uniformity
  • Flexible and bendable to 90°
  • Precise, repeatable heating pattern
  • Distributed wattage
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About Thick Film Aluminum

Thick Film Aluminum's exceptional thermal conductivity and high power densities make it an excellent option for low-heat applications that require a high-degree of control. The aluminum substrate allows for three dimensional forms with the flatness of a Thick Film heater. Available with integrated sensors, thermostats and a variety of mounting and attachment options.

Engineering services and consultation are available on every custom heating element order. Contact a specialist today for details.

Configuration Options

  • High strength solder connections.
  • Available with integrated sensors, thermostats and a variety of mounting or attachment options.
  • Three dimensional shapes and forms, including bending and folding.
  • UL Component recognition (See brochure for details)


  • Custom watt density designs available for added efficiency and control.
  • Multiple zone heating for greater control in target areas.
  • Distributed Wattage can be used to compensate for heat loss and create uniform temperature in application.


  • Custom designed to operate from 2 to 480 volts; including dual voltage.
  • Functions with AC and DC voltage sources.

Surface Mount Sensors and Thermostats

  • Printed RTDs or surface-mount thermistors for direct, on-board temperature feedback and control, as well as more complex heater system assembly.
  • Large selection of thermostats and thermal fuses designed to provide maximum efficiency for your application.

Connecting Leads

  • Broad range of connection schemes available, including wire harness.
  • Custom connection solutions can be co-engineered with customer's design.
  • Power leads soldered directly to board or mechanically secured.

Maximum Temperature:

150 °C
302 °F

Maximum Watt Density:

62 W/cm²
400 W/in²

Thermal Conductivity:

173 W/mK

Ramp-up Rate:



2.70 g/cm³
169.56 lb./ft³

Substrate Thickness:

0.035 mm x 19 mm

Typical Maximum Dimensions:

305 mm x 607 mm
12" x 24"

For custom solutions outside these specifications, contact a Heatron specialist.

Medical & Life Sciences

Dialysis, CPAP, DNA Analysis and Testing, Blood Diagnostics, Surgical Devices, Vessel Sealer, Blood/Fluid Warming, Instrument Warming, MRI Equipment, Temperature Therapy, Sterilization

Aviation & Transportation

Instrumentation, Personal Comfort, De-Icers, Over the Road Truck and Railcar Freeze Protection, Oil and Battery Heating, Auto and Motorcycles


Chemical Detection, Explosives Detection, Alcohol Detection, Cameras

Food Service

Warming Cabinets, Display Shelves, Prep Stations, Heated Dishware, Fryer Systems, Grilling Platters, Appliances


3-D Printers, Laser Printers, Card Printers, Thermal Printers, Commercial and Industrial Printers


Packaging Lines, Electronic Enclosures, Freeze Protection, Motor Heaters, Plastic Fabrications, Water Heating


High Temperature Burn-In Boards and Testing Equipment, Wafer Chuck Heaters, Water Heating

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