Heatron is an ITAR Registered Manufacturer Code M26590

Heatron is an ITAR Registered Manufacturer. This means that we have created a program that governs the proper handling of sensitive information and materials. The record keeping, data storage, ITAR compliance policy and training required by ITAR are managed by our management team.

Download Heatron’s ITAR Certification Pdf, 2 MB.

What is ITAR?

ITAR is a set of government regulations that applies to companies engaged in manufacturing, brokerage, or international procurement with the US Government and ensures compliance with the Arms Export Control Act (AECA). ITAR sets guidelines for exporters designed to control access to potentially sensitive information or technology. Companies engaged in ITAR-covered activities are required to implement document controls and record keeping.

ITAR Compliant or ITAR Registered?

Companies described as ITAR compliant are aware of regulations and provide data to their customers to support accurate record keeping. To be ITAR Registered, the Department of State requires companies develop a compliance plan and to implement document control and record keeping practices to maintain compliance.

Why ITAR Registered?

Heatron takes our commitments to quality and customer satisfaction very seriously. ITAR Registration reinforces our role as a US- based global manufacturer.

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