Heated hose

Flex Wire Wound Heating Elements

Along with our Flex Etched heating elements, Flex Wire Wound heaters are ideal for a wide range of applications such as fuel cells and battery systems in the Energy industry. Heatron's HEATFLEX heaters can be engineered for complex forms, shapes, and sizes offering endless custom design opportunities. Their ability to precisely distribute heat makes them ideal for even the most extreme environments. Built to withstand adverse conditions, robust wire wound heaters offer stronger, more flexible heaters along with fast, inexpensive prototyping. Applications include sensor heating, battery conditioning, and fuel cell catalyst heating. Our team of engineers is ready to work with you towards bringing your ideas to life. Contact Us today with any questions or to begin the process!

HEATFLEX Downloads:

DuPont™ Kapton® Polyimide Film and All-Polyimide Etch Foil Heating Elements Pdf, 14 MB.

Etched Mica Heaters Pdf, 423 kB.

Silicone Etch Foil Heating Elements Pdf, 14 MB.

Polyester Etched Foil Heating Elements Pdf, 334 kB.

Silicone Wire Wound Heating Elements Pdf, 14 MB.

Constant Flow Heated Hose Elements Pdf, 607 kB.

Clearview™ Transparent Heating Elements Pdf, 199 kB.

Gas Line and Pump Line Heating Elements Pdf, 1 MB.