Aviation and aerospace applications demand the highest performance standards in their electronic components. That’s why Heatron’s client-oriented design and manufacturing services are perfect for aerospace and transportation industry OEMs. With expertise in a multitude of key thermal and LED lighting technologies, Heatron provides more options, ideas and insights to provide the perfect solution to your aviation and aerospace heating and lighting needs.

Heatron custom heating elements are found in every kind of modern commercial aircraft. From cabin warming to pitot tubes and sensors to delicate instrumentation, Heatron creates reliable heating technologies that meet exacting performance expectations within the most stringent design guidelines.

Heatron heaters are lightweight and energy efficient for temperature management or humidity reduction, and can be customized to fit a variety of applications.

Heatron heaters are used in these common aviation applications.

  • Galley and Foodservice
  • Air Intake/Outlet
  • Pitot Tube
  • Bulk Cargo
  • Flight Deck
  • Foot Warmers
  • Fuel Cell
  • Water System
  • Brake Temperature Controls
  • De-icing System
  • Instrumentation
  • Compartment and Cockpit Comfort
  • Landing Lights
  • Antenna and Component Temperature Controls

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Heatron also develops custom LED modules for specialized aerospace applications.

  • Strobe LED Modules
  • Exterior LED Modules
  • Interior LED Modules

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Heatron’s engineers are experts in thermal management with more than 40 years’ experience creating custom heater and LED solutions for our clients. Whether we’re pushing the boundaries of innovative design or adapting an established technology to project specifications, our clients know that Heatron delivers.

Heatron heating solutions are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Did you know that Heatron has been producing heating elements for the aviation and aerospace industry for more than 30 years? To find out more about how Heatron can help you complete your aviation heating or lighting project, contact a specialist today!

Heatron is an ISO 9001 certified company.

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