Heating Elements for Battery, EV, and Energy Storage Applications

Electric car charging

Today’s commercial and industrial batteries require reliable temperature controls to maximize performance. Cold and ice can slow charging times, reduce storage capacity, cloud sensors and generally impede optimal charging function in back-up batteries, electric vehicles and equipment.

Heatron works with OEMs in the automotive, aviation, industrial equipment and electronics industries to build custom heaters that are lightweight, efficient, and optimized for the exact power requirements of each application.

As emerging markets like EVs, UAVs, and transit develop new systems that expand storage capacity and reduce weight and complexity, Heatron adapts with new heating element solutions.

That’s why Heatron has built relationships with some of the most recognizable brands in transportation, medical device and consumer electronics over the last 40 years.
How can Heatron and our endlessly inventive heating elements help you realize your product vision?



  • Automotive: EV’s, charging stations, cold-weather equipment
  • Aviation and Aerospace: backup systems, avionics, UAVs, lighting systems
  • Electronics and Industrial: field equipment, heavy industrial vehicles, data infrastructure, defense applications, rugged electronics
  • Solar: fuel cells
  • Rail and Transit: Bus, tram and trolley power systems

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