Heatron Industries Served Rail

Heatron builds heating elements and high level heating element assemblies for many applications inside and outside the rolling stock. Higher level assemblies include components such as thermostats and other circuit elements, wire harnesses and vulcanization of the heater to the metal plates.

Rolling Stock Heating Assemblies:

  • Door Threshold Heating Elements
  • Radiant (Convection) Baseboard Heating Elements & Covers
  • Fan Heaters (Cab, Vestibule, and Restroom)
  • Floor/Seat Heating Elements
  • Door pocket Heating Elements
  • Step Heating Elements

Wayside Heating Assemblies:

  • Switch machine heating elements
  • Hot bearing/hot wheel detector heating elements
  • Bungalow/cabinet heating

LED assemblies

  • Wayside LED Signals
  • Threshold lighting assemblies
  • Interior lighting assemblies

Infrastructure heating elements are available through other Backer External link.companies in the NIBE Element Railway Solutions External link. group.

  • Switch Heaters
  • Catenary Heaters
  • Platform Heaters
  • Intelligent Control Systems
  • ADA Strip Heaters
  • Signal Systems

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