Thick Film Heating: Introduction

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When considering a surface heating solution for your project or process, how about a heater that can be described as lighter, thinner, smaller, and faster? Well, if this is music to your application designers or project engineers, Heatron has made it possible by providing a wide range of highly customizable Thick Film Heaters (TFH) that are ideal for heating applications and can be the game changer to solve the problem!

Heatron offers four major categories of a variety of unique TFH products: Ceramic Core Alumina (Al2O3), Ceramic Core Aluminum Nitride (AlN), Thick Film Aluminum (Al), and Thick Film Stainless Steel. Each of these can be customized to suit projects in the industries, such as Medical & Life Sciences, Aviation and Transportation, Security, Food Service, Printing, Industrial, and Semiconductor Industry, to just name a few.

Thick Film Heaters are built using a deposition process by screen printing resistive or conductor traces on top of a substrate. The deposition process allows for close control of the thickness and width of the resistor, thus, accurately controlling the heater’s resistance, wattage, watt density, and uniformity of the heated part.

The nomenclature for a Thick Film Heater is determined by the substrate used. For example, “Ceramic Thick Film Heater” has its name from ceramic being used as the substrate. Heatron’s ceramic TFHs are Ceramic Core Alumina (Al2O3) and Ceramic Core Aluminum Nitride (AlN), in addition to Thick Film Aluminum (Al), and Thick Film Stainless Steel that are made with substrates of Aluminum and Stainless Steel, respectively. To see pictures and specifications of the Thick Film products offered at Heatron, visit Thick Film Products and Services.

For more information about the structure of Thick Film Heaters, the fabrication process, advantages of TFHs, applications in the industry, and what Heatron's Thick Film Heaters have to offer to you, download our full TFH guide. This full guide provided by Heatron will allow you to develop a better understanding about TFHs to assist you in finding the right one for your project(s).

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