Thick Film Heating Industries and Applications

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Thick Film Heaters are suitable for more than one application in different industries, and they are easily customized to fit your project specifications. Heatron’s Thick Film Heaters are suitable for the following industries and applications:

  • Medical and Life Sciences - Dialysis, CPAP, DNA analysis and testing, blood diagnostics, surgical devices, vessel sealer, blood and fluid warming, instrument warming, MRI equipment, temperature therapy, and sterilization.
  • Aviation & Transportation - Instrumentation, personal comfort, deicers, over the road truck and railcar freeze protection, oil and battery heating, and auto/motorcycles.
  • Automotive – cold weather battery warming on electrical and hybrid vehicles, motor heating, fuel cell temperature maintenance, mirror defogging, cabinet comfort heating, steering wheel and seats heating, door handle de-freezing, and coolant heaters. Refer to our article “HEATRON ELECTRIC HEATING SOLUTIONS AND ELECTRIC VEHICLES for more details of applications.
  • Security - Chemical detection, explosives detection, alcohol detection, and cameras lens defogging.
  • Food Service - Warming holding cabinets, display shelves, prep stations, heated dishware, fryer systems, grilling platters, and appliances.
  • Health and Beauty Appliances – Personal hair styling and drying tools, skin spa and facial steamer, heating pads and blankets, heating body and foot massager, and sauna belts.
  • Printing - 3-D Printers, Laser Printers, Card Printers, Thermal Printers, Commercial and Industrial Printers. A practical example is the Thick Film Nozzle Heater offered by Heatron. By printing the heater traces or circuit directly onto the aluminum block of the nozzle, the heat is directed precisely when and where it is needed.
  • Industrial - Packaging lines, electronic enclosures, freeze protection, motor heaters, plastic fabrications (extrusion, molding, calendaring), water heating, and hot plates
  • Semiconductor - High temperature burn-in boards and testing equipment, wafer chuck heaters, and water heating.
  • Analytical Instruments and Advanced Research Institutions – Thermal analysis, spectrometers, chromatography, imaging equipment, separation and membrane sciences.
  • Food and beverage equipment - Holding cabinets, hot food displays, warming trays, storage warming, brewing temperature maintenance, and portable food delivery.

For more information about the structure of Thick Film Heaters, the fabrication process, advantages of TFHs, applications in the industry, and what Heatron’s Thick Film Heaters have to offer you, download our complete Thick Film Heater guide. This full guide provided by Heatron will allow you to develop a better understanding about TFHs to assist you in finding the right one for your project(s).